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Dog Care | Do you take care of your dog’s hair?

Hair care is massively important for your dog. If you didn’t already know, grooming is one of the biggest responsibilities you, as a dog owner can have. It obviously depends on the breed of the dog, the length and thickness of the hair, and even the age of your dog. The most important fator, the one we will be considering in this article, is the hair type. We can split them however in four types : wiry hair, long hair, short hair and curly hair. Each of them requires a special type of care and love from your side, so let’s see what you can do!

Wiry Coat

Wire haired dogs represent a challenge when it comes to grooming. There are iconic dog breeds which boast wiry hair. We can mention the Wire Fox Terrier, Schnauzers, Border Terriers, Cocker Spaniels as some beautiful wire haired dogs.

A “wiry coat” is a rough and coarse coat to the touch. It is thick and bristle, and you can immediately distinguish a wiry coat from a soft coat. 

What you need to remember if you have a dog with wire coat is that you need to brush them daily. This is crucial because as new hair grows, the old hair dries and becomes trapped in your dog’s wiry coat. This creates a total mess, knots and can make your dog pretty uncomfortable.

How often should you wash your wiry haired dog?Washing every 3 or 4 weeks is more enough. Also, try paying attention to the shampoo you use. For wiry haired dogs, a shampoo without oils or softeners are ideal, as they maintain the fur’s natural features. 

Curly Coat

A dog with curly hair needs a lot care! Does he…? Similar to dogs with wiry hair, curly hair requires more attention than straight hair. It is beautiful and there are a lot of breeds who arecurly and proud! Bedlington Terrier, Bichon Frise, Airedale Terrier are just a few cuties which are curly and super cute!

Why does it require extra attention though? The reason for that is that it can easily get tangled and become a total mess. How long should it be? Two inches is the general recommended length for a curly haired dog’s coat. This goes to say that if you keep your dog’s hair at an average length, it will not get tangled and you will remain in control.

Similar to wiry haired dogs, curly haired dogs can be bathed and you can wash their hair once a month. As or shampoo, a shampoo without oils or softeners is perferct for them too, because it maintain the hair’s natural features.


Long Hair

Dogs with long hair are unique and just stand out in a crowd, don’t you think? This is why choosing the perfect hair product and routine will really help maintain your dog’s mane silky, smooth and beautiful!

The beautiful long hair breeds we can enumerate is the Afghan Hound, the Belgian Sheepdog, the Border Collie and Black Russian Terier. 

So how can you take care of their hair? Regular brushing is one of the most important activities you need to do to maintain a long dog’s hair healthy. This helps to stimulate the hair and coat to keep it healthy. When it comes to products, remember that even the most well-brushed coat can become a nightmare very quickly! 

Just as you need to cut your ends from time to time, your dog needs their hair cut to be kept healthy. Trimming around the face may be necessary in some breeds. Also, regular sanitary trimmings are very important to keep things neat and tidy down below. 


Short Hair

Short hair comprise the majority of the dog population, but this does not mean their hair care routine should be neglected or is any less important. 

Like the other hair types, short hair dogs benefit from being regularly brushed. This helps to remove excess fur and allow your dog to feel comfortable and just plain good! We do not recommend washing your short haired dog more than once a month. You can use a shampoo with a conditioner or with softening oils, as your dog’s short hair may need hydration.

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