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Exotic Pet Care | Keep Your Guinea Pig Warm In The winter

Guinea Pigs need to keep warm

If you have Guinea Pigs, you know they are sensitive creatures, and they need to be warm and cozy in the winter.

They are not adapted to cold temperatures. This is why you need to adapt the cage or make some changes overall in their environment. This way you’ll be sure that they all set for the winter.

Winter and cold weather can cause behavior changes and you might notice that your Guinea Pig is overall changed, even slowed down. They usually do tend do sleep more and cozy up in their hutch. We recommend you to provide your Guinea pig with a comfy bed.

We recommend the Caterpillar Nest because it provides a warm place for your little one to cozy up into.


Prepare the environment

For bedding, we highly recommend news papaer pieces on the bottom of the cage. Contrary to common belief, wood shavongs are not the healthiest option for your baby. This is because after a few days it can become damp and cause respiratory or fungal problems. In the winter this is especially important, because you need to avoid damp environments. This is the best way to avoid respiratory problems in Guinea Pigs.

                          Always remember that, independent of the bedding you are using, you need to keep a large quantity of hay available at all times.


Your Guinea Pig’s dietary needs are also going to need a change during winter time. During this time, your Guinea Pig is going to need more vitamin intake, and alot of fresh water at all times.

Hay is primordial for a Guinea Pig, and a good rule of thumb is that they should eat at least 85% of their body weight in hay every day! To provide all necessary vitamins and minerals, we recommend salad, broccoli, apples, Brussel sprouts and cabbage. You piggy can also have a banana once and a while as a snack. Some piggies also like blueberries! It’s up to your to experiment and decide what would be a good fit.

Expect the unexpected

A lot can happen during winter cold days. Power outages are the most common, especially in snow storms. You need to have a back up if this happens, as it can leave you in the cold for several hours, some lasting up to 48 hours.

Our best advice is that you keep a stack of extra blanket to keep the piggies warm. Also, do not keep them in the extremities of the house. We recommend to keep them as close as possible to the center of the house.

Try keeping them in a room with few doors – constantly opening and closing doors can let the cold inside.

If the power outage lasts more than 48 hours, these mesaures will probably not be enough, so our advice would be to try to find an alternative plan for moving them to a warmer place.

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