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What Is Your Guinea Pig Personality?


If you love Guinea Pigs, you know they all have their own personalities. Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or if you had Guinea Pigs for many years, so definitely noticed that each is different. But did you ever wonder what would your personality be, if you were a Guinea Pig? Take the ultimate Guinea Pig personality quizz and find out!

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Questions - What is your Guinea Pig Personality?

Your spouse insists on going to that barbecue at their boss's house. You know it's very important because it could help pave the way to a promotion, but you just cannot stand their boss. What do you do?

1. Faking a headache could get me out of the situation...
2. If I don't want to go, I'm not going. As simple as that.
3. I could never leave my spouse go alone, regardless of what I am feeling!
4. Why wouldn't I want to go? I love being around people!

You want to use the treadmill at the gym, but someone has been hogging it for over an hour. What do you do?

1. I try to make it obvious I want to use the treadmill. I might even complain out loud.
2. I'm pretty sure that is against the rules, so I report it to the staff!
3. This is obviously not my lucky day at the gym, so I leave and come back another day.
4. The gym definitely has other equipment, so I go see what else is free.

After a long trip, you finally get to your dream tropical holiday destination. But then you find out that the hotel made a mix up. Instead of the sea view room, you get a small, shabby one....no air conditioning. What do you do?

1. I threaten to ruin their Trip Advisor rating, call their manager and a local new station if they do not remedy this at once!
2. I make my disappointment very clear. If they do not fix it, I will take my money back and leave. Definitely I will not waste my time or ruin my vacation with this!
3. Obviosly I am gutted, I don't understand why this is happening to me? There is nothing I can do. This is going to ruin my vacation...
4. I will give them a chance to show me that they can make it up to me. I'm not upset right away and keep a positive attitude. Things can turn around!

You see your partner's laptop with their social media profile open...Do you take a peek?

1. I don't look because I'm afraid of my reaction if I would see something...What you don't know, can't hurt you!
2. I don't have any reason to look. We trust each other.
3. I'm very curious so I quickly hover over the messages, but nothing more!
4. I do more than take a peek! I memorize their password for the future!

You're at the supermarket, waiting at the longest line you've seen since last Thanksgiving. Suddenly, someone cuts in front, and no one seems to notice. What do you do?

1. I don't see what the problem is. They surely have a very good reason why they did this...perhaps they are rushing to a medical appointment?
2. I try to make the others notice. Surely someone will say something.
3. I call them out immediately and let them have a piece of my mind! Next time they'll want to cut a line, they will think twice!
4. Some people can't help doing this, however, I'm totally fine with it. No worries here.

Someone is stealing your food from the office refrigerator. How do you react?

1. I'm labeling my food. They will hopefully get the hint.
2. I'm getting a nanny cam! After I catch the on camera, I will sen an endearing e-mail to the whole office and expose them!
3. Someone must like my cooking! I invite the whole office to a home cooked meal, that will definitely make them happy and stop stealing my food.
4. Maybe I did something to upset this person? I am very disappointed and sorry if someone thinks poorly of me...

You spend your whole day cooking an exquisite dinner for your guests. After the dinner, you hear some mean comments from one of them about your food...

1. I knew it! I'm a disaster in the kitchen. I try to compose myself and not show my tears.
2. I directly confront them. If they don't like my food, they should be open about it. After all, I can take constructive criticism.
3. That's no problem. Not everyone is going to like you, and definitely not everyone is going to like your food. I'm fine with that.
4. That's too bad. This person is not going to be on my guest list next time!

You're at your office Christmas party. How do you feel?

1. It's not my favorite activity, but I try to get through the night...
2. I like networking and getting to know a more relaxed side of my coworkers.
3. It's a good opportunity to catch up on that office gossip!
4. I love parties! The Christmas Party if one of my favorite events.

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Questions - What is your Guinea Pig Personality?

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